Harry's Patch How To and Download

Latest Release v.57b

What is the patch and what does it do?

Code 9 ruined SOCOM 2. Code 9 was a program to hack Socom 2 and led to one shot kills, infinate health, etc. Previous to the release of Harry's patch there was no way to combat this. Prominent community member Harry worked on a code that freezes the hacker if it notices a change in the game code. This puts a stop to hackers and makes competitive gaming on Socom 2 more enjoyable. Not only does it stop hackers it also does other cool things like clan tags, ranks, and day/night maps, and so much more!

What do I need to get it?

You need the following

  1. A Free McBoot Memmory card
  2. Non McBoot Memmory Card
  3. A flash drive (Any size works).
  4. A computer to move file to memory card

Note this will only work on the PS2. You can mod the patch into an iso if you want but that's a seperate guide.

How do I install it?

Video is located on sidebar but also use these instructions as needed.

PC Portion

  1. Plug in flash drive to computers USB slot
  2. Download the file from the link above
  3. Open your file explorer
  4. On the left panel look for you flash drive, right click it and select properties. (For this example I'm using drive F:
  5. Ensure File System is FAT32, IF NOT GO TO STEP: 13 and come back when finished.
  6. Open the drive by cliking on it in the left panel
  7. (NOT required but recommended) Create a folder called PS2 Patches by right clicking inside of the file explorer and choosing New-> Folder and naming it PS2 Patches. Then enter it by double clicking the folder.
  8. Open a seperate file explorer by right clicking file explorer in the app tray, and select File Explorer which will open a new window
  9. In the new file explorer go to the folder that contains your patch you downloaded from step 2. (Normally Downloads)
  10. Line the 2 file explores side by side to prepare for drag and drop.
  11. Drag the file you downloaded into the PS2 Patches folder
  12. You're done! Go to PS2 portion and disregard the rest of this list!
  13. This is only for those who had flash drives not formatted as fat 32
  14. Right click your flash drive in the left panel and choose Format
  15. Make sure FAT32 is selected under File System and Quick Format is checked
  16. Click Start
  17. Go back to step 6

PS2 Portion

  1. With PS2 off plug regular memmory card into slot 1 and McBoot memmory card into slot 2
  2. Plug flash drive into USB slot on PS2
  3. Turn on ps2 and eject the tray to keep it from starting the game
  4. When FreeMcBoot launches choose uLaunchElf
  5. At the uLaunchElf menu hit SELECT
  6. Scroll down to 'X' and hit Circle
  7. Scroll down to mass:/ and hit Circle
  8. Go to the PS2 Patches folder and hit Circle
  9. Go to r005v**.elf and hit Circle
  10. Go to OK and hit Circle
  11. Hit X
  12. Close your disc tray with SOCOM 2 inside it
  13. Wait a second or two and hit X
  14. If the game boots it worked!
Next time you start the game again, start the ps2, open your disc tray, launch uLaunchElf, press X, close tray, and press X.

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